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What you need to know about high blood pressure

high blood pressure

What is high blood pressure?
High blood pressure (HBP) or known as hypertension arises when the blood pressure increases to an unhealthy level. Typical blood pressure measurement takes into account how much blood is passing through the blood vessels and the amount of resistance the blood meets when the heart is pumping. The presence of narrow arteries is the cause for increased resistance. The thinner the arteries, the higher the blood pressure will be. In long-term, the pressure is increased and can cause several health issues including heart disease.

high blood pressure
What are the treatment options for high blood pressure?

  1. Primary hypertension treatment options

If the doctor diagnoses you with primary hypertension, simple lifestyle changes can help reduce your high blood pressure. In case the adopted lifestyle changes are insufficient or not adequate, your doctor may prescribe your specific medication.

  1. Secondary hypertension treatment options

If doctors discover an underlying issue sourcing your hypertension, treatment will then concentrate on that particular underlying condition. For example, if the medicine prescribed to you are leading to increased blood pressure; your doctor will prescribe other medications that don’t have such a side effect. In the case when hypertension is persistent despite treatment for the underlying cause, the doctor will advise you to develop lifestyle changes while prescribing medications to help reduce your blood pressure levels.
Tips for prevention from high blood pressure

  1. Add healthy foods to your diet

Consume more heart-healthy plants and aim to eat more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The goal is to progressively increase your fruit and vegetable servings up to ten per day.

  1. Adjust how you think of the average dinner

Instead of focusing on a meal with meat and three sides, design a dish that employs the meat as a condiment. Instead, consume a bigger salad with a smaller portion of meat.

  1. Avoid sugar

Attempt to incorporate fewer sugar-sweetened foods such as flavored yogurts, cereals, and sodas. Make sure to read the labels behind the packaged foods as it hides additional levels of sugar.

  1. Establish weight loss goals

Seek professional advice from your doctor about a healthy weight for you. You can start by consuming 500 calories less per day than what you usually consume. Then finalize on what physical activity you can begin to reach your goal. Exercising five days a week is bound to get you closer to your goal. A minimum of three days of exercise is recommended.

  1. Monitor your blood pressure regularly

The most effective way to prevent complications and avoid problems is to detect hypertension early. Maintain a log of your recent blood pressure readings and show it to your doctor. This way, the doctor can help identify any possible problems before the condition advances.

The Truth About Diabetes Prevention and Treatment


Diabetes is identified as the condition in which the body is not capable of producing enough insulin to meet the body’s needs, and requirements or the cells don’t respond accordingly to the insulin. Insulin is vital as it helps transport glucose, a simple sugar into the body’s cells from the blood. It has many other essential effects on metabolism.

When the insulin isn’t adequately available or does not efficiently work to transport the glucose from the blood to cells will result in glucose accumulating in the blood. A high percentage of glucose in the blood are harmful and toxic, and the cells that don’t get the glucose lack the necessary fuel to function properly.


There are primarily two types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas in the body cannot make insulin and require insulin injections. Most patients are diagnosed from their childhood. Type 2 diabetes arises when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or the body fails to use the insulin properly.

They require insulin injections eventually. It mainly occurs between adults. Another less typical form of diabetes is gestational diabetes which is a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy. This problem usually clears up post delivery. Prediabetes is a term used to refer blood sugar levels higher than average but enough to be classified as diabetes.

Treatment and prevention

Unfortunately, type 1 diabetes is not preventable. However, significant studies have shown that type 2 diabetes is preventable by adopting specific lifestyle changes consisting of moderate weight loss by consuming a healthy diet and regular exercise regime.

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that can last over a lifetime. The aim of treating diabetes is to keep glucose levels close to normal range as possible. Bear in mind diabetes, and its treatment will take time availing the help of family and friends.

Despite extensive advertising of herbal products used to help control blood sugar, there are not enough studies to suggest that these treatments are effective and safe.

Patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes require insulin continuously to survive. The only cure to this disease is to have pancreas or islet cell transplant but are rarely recommended. The treatment of type 2 diabetes begins with lifestyle changes, particularly in diet and exercise. Approach your doctor and seek an appropriate dietary plan followed by routine exercise regime.

In case these adopted lifestyle changes are insufficient, medications for type 2 diabetes consist of antidiabetes pills or injections, insulin injections and a combination of both of these. Evaluating and keeping a log of blood glucose levels is the most effective way to identify whether blood glucose levels are in the favorable target range.

Also make sure to incorporate alpha lipoic acid and b-vitamins in your diet in order to balance your blood sugar levels and support your nerve health. Diabetes can cause severe burning and tingling pains in the hands and feet, which can lead to nerve damage. You can take supplements from your local GNC or vitamin shop or try a proven neuropathy supplement like Nerve Renew neuropathy support formula.